Kashmir politics: ‘Rock salt’ to ‘Common currency’

People of Kashmir were destined to suffer at the hands of their unkind rulers prior to the dawn of democracy in the region but they never knew there is much more misery in store for them at the hands of their own people even after ending of autocracy. Rulers of this beautiful land subjected Kashmiries to all sort of sufferings for centuries and innocent people faced all this, taking it as their share of destiny. Facing all odds under dictatorial rule is the basic element of autocracy but being deceived in the garb of popular leadership is mockery.

We all remember those stories associated to our self styled popular political leaders, where they would lead and exploit hordes of Kashmiri souls just by haveing them a glimpse of rock salt cleverly concealed in deep pockets of their jugglery robes. Kashmiri people are intelligent, sharp and shrewd but they are a sentimental lot as well and get easily swayed and exploited. Poor Kashmiries were treated like cattle; hypnotized by mere glimpse of piece of rock salt and green handkerchiefs. This exploitation continued till its designers were subjected to insulting treatment of exploitation, deceit and rudeness at the hands of their masters. We are all aware what rock salt and green rags meant to innocent common Kashmiri and how far his sentiments were attached with this salt story? There were several other reasons like illiteracy, poverty and ultimate trust reposed by Kashmiries in their political leadership which lead to such desperate and deceitful situation. While rubbing rock salt into the open political wounds of Kashmiri people political leaders never felt a fragment of shame. After long spell of exploitation, realising the hidden political  agenda people of Kashmir came out of illusion – ‘ autonomy through salt and green rags’ and they tried to break the shackles of exploitation and deceit but landed in many other political cesspools cleverly crafted by political system of this land.

Political exploitation of Kashmir and its beautiful people has a long history and in most cases exploiters has been none other than Kashmiries themselves. The strategic location of Kashmir, its political importance and impact on neighbouring big brothers has worsened the situation further. If history is scrutinized through open and unbiased mind, people of Kashmir have never experienced political setup bereft of deceit and mistreatment. For long Kashmiries has been longing for political compassion and just leadership but they were always lead to the oblivions of mistrust and political exploitation. Lumps of salt were rubbed into their wounds by their own leaders just for their ulterior motives and political interests.

With revolutionary changes in every sphere of life all over the world Kashmir faced winds of change as well but political canvas of Kashmir changed its colour giving gimmickry to take over manipulation within the political fraternity of Kashmir in the garb of people’s leadership. Political trickery metamorphosed into well established cartel that uses every ploy to exploit and fleece people; Politics has turned into poly-tricks where every gimmick is put into the pipeline for exploitation of simple souls. Religion, emotions, cast, colour, creed and every sensitive aspect of mankind are explored to accomplish the nefarious designs of political commune.

With diminishing impact of earlier catchy political slogans and gimmicks and exhausted political arsenal, political dispensation and self-styled leadership have resorted to a new ploy to harvest the political emotions and sentiments of people of Kashmir. A new political exploitation and deceit has been unfolded. Present political brains are untiring machines, churning political tricks. How times have changed? Earlier salt was precious as our taste buds were our only weakness and politicians exploited it to their use and now as our needs and requirement have increased manifolds, we are materialistic brutes ; so our political leaders distorted the political canvas as well and they are on the political centre stage with latest gimmick titled ‘common currency’. Rock salt theory to exploit our taste buds and common currency gimmick to make the most of our rising materialistic urge –bravo politicians’ bravo.

It was a long way from rock salt to common currency but political power and lust of politicians made this journey very short and facilitated it to suit their best interest and political benefits. Leaderships and political systems in civilized society evolve for better governance and providing sincere leadership to common man but here politicians use these institutions for exploring avenues of corruption and deceit. Politicians should come out of their fortified mansions build over flesh and aspirations of common man  and feel the plight of people, their sufferings and impact of exploitation on their psyche. Politicians should live and travel with poor souls of this desperate land and have the first hand experience of peoples view regarding our rotten political system and ruined leadership. Politicians should bear   in their huge minds that sentimental Kashmiries have changed a lot, hardened and acclimatize themselves to all situations for last two decades of uncertainty and deceit. Kashmiri  jaag choka hai but he is yet to come out of shock and get enough strength to fight back these cheap ploys. The day Kashgmiri people gain the strength these corrupt, misleading and deceiving politicians will be lynched beyond recognition.

For last two decades many Kashmiri people got jailed and killed either for aligning ideologically with Pakistan or maintaining relations with Indian authorities, as both positions were considered an offence by the either power centre in command of the turmoil torn situation. All those killed were common Kashmiries. Politicians got people killed as informers (mukhabir) and terrorists just to suit their own political agenda and to the best satisfaction of their masters. Now the same shameless politicians of all shades who facilitated a smooth transition from common salt to common currency are hob knobbing with both Indian and Pakistani power centres in the name of normalcy and honour. People of Kashmir will rise and ask these demons either to return them their loved ones and lost honour or be ready to face the same treatment. People experienced every misery and exploitation for last six decades in the garb of so-called democracy; they have been experiencing political traders trading   death who did not spare even shrouds of massacred innocent Kashmiries. These political chameleons cannot save themselves from people’s anger shaping within the overstressed minds of over exploited populace of Kashmir. Election time, and all politicians and their parties become hyper active with latest tools to mislead people.

This new political merchandise of ‘common currency’ is latest arrival on political supermarket of Kashmir and will be sold on discount till elections are over. Politicians may have different sign boards but they all sell the same commodity of exploitation and deceit. All these political slogans of autonomy, naya Kashmir, Khushal Kashmir, goli nahi boli and then on the other side of the fence, boycott, accession, cession have nothing to act as balm on the inflicted wounds of people of Kashmir. This is all political drama and mockery to ensure strengthening of political constituencies and ultimate political gains. Politicians and our leaders should mend their ways or face the brutal anger of people. Sooner the better.

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