India, Pakistan and America’s Obtuse triangle.

………. and Uncle Sam tightens the noose with every passing day

India, Pakistan and American relation triangle is getting more obtuse with every passing day. Undue meddling of America in Indian subcontinent has created a knotty situation, making two important countries in the region, India and Pakistan much hostile towards each other. ‘Uncle Sam’ for last several years is hyper regarding the region and is craftily wooing India and Pakistan separately to accomplish its immeasurable targets of veiled imperialism. Recent Fai incident is outcome of American strategy to keep the subcontinent pot boiling. Otherwise Ghulam Nabi Fai and his Kashmir American Council (KAC) are active in corridors of power at Washington for the last many years. The timing of this surprise reveals the real intentions of Uncle Sam. American think tank has chosen a well tried ploy ‘to kill many birds with one stone’. Fai is a small fry; unnecessarily implicated in this episode of trickery. His arrest on flimsy grounds is a tactic to press the panic button at this crucial but positive juncture of Indo-Pak relations.
During last decade America faced many failures and reversals both on its political and economic front. Much hype was created about change in its leadership but at the end of the day both domestic and international affairs of this country got severely dented. The economic meltdown made Americans to review all their ventures and find ways to release the much growing domestic pressure. Disastrous intervention in Iraq, shameless intrusion in affairs of Iran and brazen face off in Afghanistan, with much of its foot in tribal parts of Pakistan has trapped America in a region that can ultimately prove its waterloo. America’s much stronger intelligence agencies and other out of sight strategists are the real policy makers of this country. These organizations accept only success as true and to achieve much of the favorable results they can go and bend to any extent. It is the rigid policy of these groups that pushed America and its innocent people to the vagaries of international conflict and vulnerability. Presently America is on the crossroads of global conflict and its people are the most scared lot of the mankind in present contemporary world of civilization and growth.
Subsequent to their independence from British might India and Pakistan became fodder for shoddy missions of superpowers and during infamous cold war period their proximity to dissimilar poles created a huge gap between these two neighboring countries. Scars of separation in 1947 added fuel to the raging fire of hostility. Many overt and covert wars were fought and ‘Kashmir’ became the bone of contention. Pakistan’s alignment towards America was open and known to everyone from the day first and India’s relation to erstwhile USSR was not a secret as well. India was very close to Russia even after being the founder member of Non-aligned movement of President Nasir and Marshal Tito. Nehru tried his skills and statesmanship to create a third front of neutrality but in real sense every member of nonalignment movement was aligned either to American block or the Russian group, making it a mockery. Post cold war era changed the whole geopolitical landscape of the world and people had to redefine their association and allegiance. Pakistan being the most trusted ally of America considered itself on the firm turf of old mutual friendship and on the other hand India lost the patronage it had cherished for over three decades. At this juncture America’s strong lobby of policy makers tried to extract much out of this fluid geopolitical scenario, particularly in vulnerable Indian subcontinent.
Time has come, for both India and Pakistan to go in for serious introspection and decide their levels of alignment with America (as they cannot afford to snap ties at this difficult juncture) in the best interest of their respective countries. Indian importance in the region cannot be denied; even India’s worst opponents accept this fact. Indian is growing exponentially almost on all fronts; booming economy, advance technology, rapid industrial growth and quality human resource are its biggest assets. If India can assert itself and settle few pockets of discontent within its political and ethnic system, it is sure to become a powerful force in south Asia. Pakistan on the other hand is paying the heavy price of over confidence and its illusion of being the most favored ally of America. America always used Pakistan to wash its dirty linen and keep a hawkish eye on ideological rivals and sworn enemies, China and Russia. Political instability in Pakistan (whatever the reason) made this country more vulnerable to interference by external agencies and America as ever, exploited this unstable situation in Pakistan to its good use. American aid, both military hardware and economic worked as opium to otherwise potentially sound economy of Pakistan. Pakistan has been crippled and pushed to penury by its so-called allies. Its existing weak economy is susceptible to all sorts of invasion; drug mafia, extreme levels of corruption and more brazenly political violence. Afghanistan as volcano of instability, added to the existing woes of Pakistan. Ever changing political setup and order in Pakistan dealt this most volatile issue in the neighborhood as per their own choice and convince making it more complicated. The compelling geopolitical situation in Afghanistan from the time of Soviet invasion in late seventies attracted America to this region, shifting stance with every changing political situation in the region. The Afghan problem has spilled out to much strategic tribal parts of Pakistan, chipping its political system and eating up its vital institutions. American presence in the region and efforts of drawing out support from Pakistan to contain and eradicate much hyped ‘terror factor’ is proving fatal not only for Pakistan and Afghanistan but in the long run will cast its murky shadows over the whole subcontinent. After twin tower attack America is feeling scared and wants to sweep the whole world with its ill conceived ‘anti- terror’ policy at any cost. In this context India is the most potential target of America and to achieve this goal and keep a check on ever increasing aid oriented aspirations of Pakistan America is playing a dangerous game of trickery, in this region. On one hand wooing India to join fight against terror and on the other hand exploiting Pakistan for its ulterior mottos, America will never allow these warring nations to come closer and settle their long lasting issues and live in peace.
The recent optimistic developments in bilateral relationship of India and Pakistan are positive pointers of their sensibility and outcome of some out of sight introspection by saner elements within the two nations. The recent bomb blasts (the unfortunate incidents) in Mumbai and the behavior of Indian authorities and Indians as a nation after the blasts was unique in many ways. The blame game and Pakistan bashing was absent at every level. Rather, a wise nation rose to the occasion to condemn the act and its perpetuators. If India and Pakistan are able to keep the rhythm of their present optimistic behavior and will not allow misty Fai incidents to influence their genuine efforts, a new era of peace and prosperity will dawn into this region, where otherwise majority of people have been living in fear and destitution since long.

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