The politics of governing people

We we talk of governance, we never mean a particular dispensation. The problem is general and universal.

While inscribing these lines I am in no way creating an opinion about the present government or for that matter any governance related dispensation in recent past. Exalting or demonizing a political or administrative apparatus in any democracy is the explicit mandate of people of the state. Any effort to coerce or pollute people’s minds with bias and disinformation will be the major disservice to the core concept of democracy. And I will be the last man to indulge in any such act of defacing democracy; the most appreciated way of governance for civilized mankind.
Governments after empowering themselves with authority establish a flawless apparatus of reliable management, integrated policies, quality guidance, and right of decision for a given area of responsibility in the shape of good governance. In common parlance government means administration of geo-political setup with good governance. Governments relate with its subjects through an administrative setup; a functional setup of many levels. Democracy bestows a judicious system of governance where every constituent is sensibly empowered to envisage a flawless administration for people of the state. So, by all means democratic setup of government is the only way to deliver justice on governance front. A better administration is the essence of good governance and ultimately of excellent government. Legislature, executive and judiciary cannot work in harmony unless every component of administration is not very well synchronised and managed. Jammu and Kashmir is a unique state in many ways and for past two decades its level of uniqueness had overrun its system of governance and ultimately plagued the administrative setup with many syndromes of inadequacy. This situation of curse will take decades to die down and many more years of sincere efforts will be required to ward off resurgence of any such situation.
Presently the factor of discipline within our administrative setup is at its lowest ebb and inefficiency has crept almost into every aspect of our life. Confining to governance only; every entity of our governance has turned a government unto himself bothering least about the norms, rules and institutions. Values are a far cry! Corruption is a cherished asset and inefficiency a routine. Corrupt with added quality of inefficiency so easily waft into the echelons of power and society that learned and wise people are compelled to find faults within their own psyche. We cannot blame any particular dispensation for this rot, but credit goes to degraded human values, materialism and greed catalysed by political turmoil. Glorifying corruption, institutionalising treachery, rampant hypocrisy and promoting nepotism with pinches of sycophancy is part of our system and honestly our governance in no way is away from shoddy influence of these demonic powers. System of governance at many levels has gone astray. Glorious period of symbiotic subordination seems to be over and will require an enormous administrative skill and visibly enough breathing time to revive. I won’t resort to infidelity, so I have to be hopeful for betterment. May be a generation will lose the luxury of good great governance, subordination and protective hierarchy, but at the end of the day bacons of hope will lit our system and that will be the glorious period achieved after much of our industrious efforts .
Beyond turmoil, degraded values, lust, materialistic approach and deception and many other manifestations of inbuilt imperfection and insufficiency have blemished our administrative setup with black spots of inefficiency and chaos. To have astute and efficient administration vigorous governance requires a quality, efficient and honest human resource. Human resource is never tailor-made but there is always scope for excellence and enhancement in this section of governance. For better human resource its development and management is an ongoing process. Any break in this continuous chain of development and management leads to disorder, chaos and inefficiency in administration. During the last two decades of unrest many unscrupulous elements within the government established themselves as cancerous lumps and moles running their writ almost in all aspects of administration. These elements have burrowed deep into the foundations of our system. Their modus operandi to sustain and further cripple the system for their own nefarious ends is to thwart any genuine process of better human resource development and management and clandestinely run a parallel ad-hoc system of their choice. For last many decades now almost all sections of our management run on ad-hoc arrangements. This covertly arranged system of human resource breeds corruption and ultimately leads to inefficiency. Every organization under the ambit of governance has been pushed to backwoods of short-term arrangement. Majority of heads of the sections and departments are temporarily elevated to work outside the scope of their substantive assignments, always keeping them in a state of uncertainty about their future.
A cursory look into our administrative setup will reveal many anomalies and discrepancies in almost all sectors. This is where the huge mafia of lumps and moles make much of its hay not while the sun shines but while the sun of transparency sets. This parasitic and apparently analogous system has disguised itself in a way that any enormous political setup with extreme dedication will require many years to cull them out. However, young, energetic, enthusiastic team with extreme levels of dedication can help in minimising the time frame. During last two decades on one side accountants got themselves elevated as managing directors, simple graduates became assistant commissioners (obviously without facing any administrative services examination), receptionists became chief executive officer and on the other side of our shoddy system, for last more than two decades seniority of many technocrats and officers of many other important departments could not be settled leaving them to rot without any scope of excellence and promotion. As I said earlier, many people within the administration are government unto themselves; both in higher echelons of government and the middle order of administration and are bluffing the whole system of governance. They wield such a huge clout that they are least bothered about set norms and rules of the administrative structure. Taking advantage of deficient human resource management policy they are enjoying beyond the means and authority of their substantive ranking and vested powers.
Present political team cannot be held solely accountable for this inflation of authority and defiance of few. But yes, government can do a lot to restrain these rouge elements within the administration and dismantle their fortes of deceit. Government should establish a high-power committee of legislatures, human resource development experts to locate possible loopholes in defective service recruitment and elevation rules of different government departments and suggestion long term remedial measures. Simultaneously government with its huge intelligence, investigative and other incisive infrastructure apparatus can locate unruly elements within its system and cull them out. Unless, such tangible curative steps are not initiated at an earliest, few rowdy elements within the administration will keep on flourishing and fleecing, for no fault of people of this state particularly the other constituents of the administration.

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