No Misfits Please

For technical jobs there must be technical hands!

Nepotism and preferential treatment in administration was rife during autocracy but in certain fields’ qualification, ability and merit was always given due consideration. This was not necessarily by choice but because of technical compulsion and requirements. In 1947, with high hopes, we ushered into new era of democracy, but almost a decade after relishing this cherished system of governance our administrative system became susceptible to epidemic of favoritism.

Governance, particularly the contemporary system of government consists mainly of two divisions; one, wide-ranging day to day administrative setup and the other, technical aspect of governance like healthcare, infrastructure development and scientific support for sustenance and overall growth. Currently as by the established rules and norms we have a well defined system in place for hiring and appointing human resource in both these components of administration. In general administration the appointments are made through ‘combined administrative services’, while as in case of technical engagement there are set rules with distinct qualification and eligibility parameters for every specialized field, that in no way can be altered or flouted. To run a modern and efficient government with a scientific approach the homogeneity of these two prominent facets of administration need to be maintained at any cost. Any infringement into any of the two domains will lead to incompetent administration, bereft of any professional touch.

Now, for the past many years we observe invasion of non-technical administrative human resource into scientific fields of administration and support system. Fields like Horticulture, Agriculture, Floriculture and their allied sectors are strictly technical and scientific in nature and require a scientific approach at all levels of administration and implementation. These sectors being the backbone of our economy and ultimately our subsistence and survival cannot afford laxity of any kind. From bottom to top every rank and file of these vital sectors have to be quite knowledgeable and proficient in their field of science and technical knowhow. Unfortunately, for last more than a decade a sinister plan of encroachment into the administrative setup of these sectors is getting a clandestine patronage within the higher echelons of administration. In the first instance the onslaught of invasion was initiated into the marketing and grading divisions of these vital sectors by manipulating and flouting the set rules in mid-eighties. This invasion was multi pronged and at all levels of administration. Encouraged by these malicious administrative intrusions the invasive elements spread their tentacles into other subdivision of Agriculture production sector and thus started a chain of intrusions by nontechnical officers and officials into technical fields of farm production and its allied sectors.

How can an officer justify his services in agriculture or any of its allied sectors when he does not know even ‘ABC’ of applied science, leave alone the specialized branch of Agriculture or Horticulture science? How can a home science expert deliver as head of the department of Agriculture or law enforcement agency regarding provisions of Agriculture rules and norms? No serious and people’s friendly government will tolerate such gross violation of fundamentals of science and technology.Hope government will restore the status of scientific administration of technical organizations, particularly the Agriculture production sector for smooth and efficient management of these organizations purely on scientific lines and will restore the much eroded stature and status of technocrats.

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