Is ‘Kashmir’ really a money game?

Julian Assange headed Wikileaks stirred the world political landscape by releasing classified leaked information particularly diplomatic cables. Since Wikileaks came into prominence, rumors were rife that Assange and his ‘Wikileaks’ are front for some intelligence agency or government. Assange vehemently denies any affiliation but only time will tell how far such rumours are reliable.

Wikileaks ‘cablegate’ affected Kashmir political scenario as well; created confusion and sense of volatility within Kashmiri political circles by releasing certain leaked diplomatic cables from US embassy in India. Since long, almost every Kashmiri is carrying his discernment about corruption in Kashmir politics, deep within his heart with an extreme sense of contempt along with great degree of fear. The leaked US cables regarding Kashmir politics and its shape has strengthened the perception of Kashmiris about their politicians and leaders. In one of the wikileaks cables, US ambassador to India is quote to have said, “Corruption cuts across party lines and most Kashmiris take it as an article of faith that politically-connected Kashmiris take money from both India and Pakistan,”. This situation of trading politics in the subcontinent is not new, but exploiting the sentiments of people struggling for real and ultimate emancipation for last many hundred years at the cost of their life, property and honour—that too by their own brethren, is shameful.

In another US diplomatic cable about Kashmir, US ambassador Mulford quoted JKLF leader Yasin Malik as saying that “Kashmiri politics is no longer about ideology; it’s all a money game”. A credible separatist leader like him deriving such harsh conclusion out of the existing fluid political situation is nothing short of disillusionment and does not auger well for the long-term political well-being of Kashmir. A political figure of Yasin Malik’s stature cannot afford to make such utterances, even within the four walls, unless he has observed such reprehensible political dirt over a period of time. Political figures and groups from both sides of the fence have resorted to exploiting Kashmir situation and its innocent and gullible people. The nationalist ego and false pride of both India and Pakistan further fueled this murky trade of political abuse. Virtually an industry of spinning money by exploiting the political aspirations of millions of Kashmiri people is running here and with every passing day new political entrepreneurs join this filthy political trade.
Ambassador Mulford has appropriately titled his cable on Kashmir as “Kashmiri politics as filthy as Dal lake”. He has visualised the two most important features of Kashmir (fading Dal and diabolic politics) in right perspective and correctly manifested their correlated state of desolation. This set of cables by Mulford is an eye-opener for every common man in Kashmir. Every word of Mulford cables is full of disgrace and any sensible and dignified Kashmiri will feel ashamed of the contents of these cables. No doubt the contents of the cables are personal observations of US authorities in Kashmir and cannot be treated as final conclusions regarding the political situation and about politicians and political leaders of Kashmir, but certain contents and quotes unless denied with logic and reasoning strengthen the reliability of these cables and as well the perception of common Kashmiri. The Kashmir ‘Cablegate’ is practically a political time bomb with its timer ticking and turning more lethal with every passing day. Political identities and entities, particularly those who give long sermons on clean and considerate leadership should introspect, shun pretentious posturing and come clean, where ever required.

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