PDP with BJP

Real testing times ahead for Mufti!

In my more than ten years of writing experience except for few incidents of veiled pressures the period was not only smooth but many people from all walks of life encouraged and appreciated me. And I am highly thankful to all my readers. But for the last more than three months (just immediately after the devastating floods) I don’t find myself comfortable. Anyways, whatever the consequences I have chosen a path to express myself, and I will tread on this bumpy track come what may. Now back to writing. The issue of government formation—bone of contention between state’s politicians has been much delayed. Currently PDP and BJP are very close to an understanding and hopefully within next fortnight they will be able to cobble a partnership with a Common Minimum Programmer (CMP) based on honesty, impartiality and sincerity. Majority of columnists in local newspapers and several other learned people have expressed their reservations regarding PDP joining hands with BJP in government formation. They can be right in their assessment and logic and in a civilized society they have every right to express their apprehensions. But, very less people have tried to afford an answer to this political riddle without any emotional influence! Most political scientists propound that there is no word ‘static’ in politics; instead flexibility is the mantra of politicking. However, flexibility should never be construed as compromise—a compromise with ideology and basic principles. Exploring possibilities should be encouraged if the possibilities are within the framework of scrupulousness.

Mufti Mohammad Syeed few days back broke his silence after many weeks and his statement regarding government formation possibilities was loud and clear, that under no circumstances will he or his party compromise with his mandate and aspirations of his voters and he has made up his mind to go with BJP (or other way round to get BJP under its fold). Now it needs to be seen how he will be able to manage the ever brewing acrimony and antagonism between BJP and PDP and a huge gap between the ideological beliefs of two political parties? How Mufti Mohammad Syed will manage the political tantrums and blackmailing by BJP and will hold to his wish and promise of not compromising with his stand? Mufti is a seasoned politician with an added garnish of shrewdness and his art of conveying his message in very less words. Still, Mr. Syeed has to prove his leadership abilities by steering the prospective alliance in a dignified manner and justified way. Any staggering in handling the political ambitions of BJP on his part will imply his failure as an astute political leader.

However, by entering into the probable alliance with BJP Mufti Mohammad Syeed will be taking a huge risk in the best interest of breaking the political logjam. He needs a chance to prove his point and give a try to his logic of extracting political good from a lesser evil in the best interest of good governance and if he fails he is done, done for ever. In a politically fluid situation where all possible permutations and combinations can change the whole political sequence, optimism is the only recourse: political scenario, where political expediency most often overrides logic and reasoning even a bad decision can turn tables with optimism. Mufti and his PDP are caught in a catch-22 situation; he has to decide between devil and the deep sea.

And to the best of his political ability and experience he seems to have decided for a boisterous partner: a wild horse that is erratic and no one knows how it will behave in a politically charged atmosphere. Political skill of Mufti will be at stake while taming the politically unpredictable and unruly BJP and its leadership. In any case, whether the alliance fails or makes a smooth sail, benefit of doubt will go to PDP and its leadership, because they are taking a huge political risk. If it will not be construed as taking sides my personal opinion is that as single largest party with a privilege to decide about its partner PDP should be encouraged to choose the best that will provide good governance without compromising with the basics. Saamp bhi mar jaaye aur lathi bhi na toote.