People Don’t Matter

All that bothers our politicians is power, let people go to hell!

Under the influence of lust for power most of the politicians in Jammu and Kashmir created a vicious situation for enabling imposition of elections even when people were grappling with floods. They bothered least about sufferings of people, their cries for help and made the Election Commission to conduct election under most severe and testing conditions of confusion and despair. Helpless people had no other option but to respect the command of Election Commission and reasonable number of electorates used their franchise against all odds. This was a unique situation in many ways!

The role of desperate people helping in establishing a credible system of governance that could deliver and get them out of quagmire of floods was appreciable. By participating in elections in reasonable numbers people of Kashmir in particular gave a clear message that they mean business even under difficult times. However, the outcome of elections threw a fractured mandate only to make the situation more complicated—a political mess. Split verdict is the only flaw with parliamentary democracy and cannot be ruled out in a difficulty political situation like Kashmir. People of state cannot be blamed for this messy hung assembly but the politicians directly or indirectly played a reprehensible role of instigating voters to vote on regional and most disgracefully on communal lines. Instead of uniting people for efficient and respectable governance, the fundamental duty of politicians, most of them resorted to divide and rule just to safeguard their political constituencies and interests. And, thus the gullible voters unknowingly gave a verdict that is neither collective nor effective.

PDP in its capacity under the shock of performing below their expectations failed to play its role responsibly as single largest party and most of the time during these crucial two weeks kept brooding over this crucial political situation. No doubt they are caught between the devil and the deep sea but political wisdom demands a decisive decision—a decision that may even go wrong in fluid political situation like Kashmir. But at the end of the day it is not the decision that matters but the intentions regarding the decision matter most. BJP with the flock of 25 members want to have the proverbial cake and eat it too. The party after failing to garner any substantial support in Kashmir valley is so desperate to have its say in sates governance that it can go to any extent except compromising with its stand on some vexed issues vis-a-vis Kashmir politics. Knowing that its compatibility with other political outfits is very low it does not want to lose the opportunity of sharing power at its own terms and conditions. Taking advantage of its government at the center BJP is out for a kill.

NC virtually bolstered by their performance beyond their imagination played the spoil-spot from the day one and resorted to every ploy to undermine the smooth government formation in the state. They threw many political surprises with malicious intentions and at the end of the day their leader even flouted the usual curtsies demanded in a civilized society by denying discharging his duties anymore as caretaker head of the government at the request of Governor (head of the state). INC is no different than its political equals in the state. Decimated to the point of irrelevance as kingmakers Congress has the only solace of having representatives in all the three regions of the state. The party all along during government formation parleys behaved like ‘Begaane Shaadi Mein Abdullah Deewana’. However, true to their political standing they offered to all whatever they had in their kitty. The gang of independents too worked as catalyst in ruining the chances of cobbling any arrangement for governance. Sensing their irrelevance in case of an arithmetically sound alliance they resorted to their usual tantrums.

Thus most of the politicians firstly without any remorse resorted to every overt and covert ploy to garner vote and support and later at the government formation stage gave a damn to aspirations of the common man who came out against all odds to favor and establish a honest, impartial and sincere government as envisaged in the fundamentals of the constitution of India. But, unfortunately almost all the politicians who derive their identity and power to govern from the constitution of India miserably failed the people of Jammu and Kashmir. And this does not auger well for people of this state, the political dispensation at federal level and the politicians of the as well.